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Population: 84,825 (2011)
Land Area: 468 sq km
Natural Resources: Hydro power, mineral water, timber, iron ore, lead
Capital: Andorra la Vella
Political System: Parliamentary Democracy
State Leader: Antoni Marti (2011)
Languages: Catalan, French, Castilian, Portuguese
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Major Religions: Roman Catholic
Major Ethnicities: Spanish 43%, Andorran 33%, Portuguese 11%, French 7%, Other 6%
Life Expectancy: 82.43 years (2011)


GDP Official Exchange Rate: NA
GDP Purchasing Power Parity: 3.3 billion (2010)
GDP Per Capita (PPP): 46,700 (2010)
GDP Growth Rate: 3.8% (2010)
GDP Structure: NA
Labour Force By Occupation: Agriculture 0,5%, Industry 18,5%, Services 81% (2008)
Industries: Tourism, cattle raising, timber, banking, tobacco, furniture
Agriculture Products: Rye, wheat, barley, oats, vegetables; sheep
Human Development Index: 0.838 (32nd)
Tourism Revenue: NA
Unemployment Rate: 2.9% (2009)

MilitaryMap of Andorra

Army Size: Responsibility of France and Spain
Budget: Responsibility of France and Spain

Current Situation


Andorra is located in western Europe, it is bordered by France and Spain. Andorra has the highest life expectancy in the world as of 2007. Andorra is very prosperous thanks to tourism and its status as a tax haven.

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Updated on: November 30, 2011