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King Albert IKing Albert I

Life: 1875-1934
Birth Place: Brussels, Belgium
Historical Role: Noble, General
Titles: King of Belgium
Primary countries affected: Belgium
Secondary countries affected: France, Germany, United Kingdom
Events: First World War (1914-1918)


King Albert I of Belgium, was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1875. He joined the Belgian Army as an officer in 1892. He was crowned as the King of Belgium in 1909. Due to his career as a military officer he had a keen interest in Belgium's military, and when he heard in 1913 rumours that Germany would declare war on France soon, he made all the necessary arrangements to make sure Belgium was ready to defend itself.

When Germany declared war in 1914, they quickly overran the Belgian forces, despite Albert's best efforts. Albert was finally pushed back to a small strip of land on Belgium's coast. During the war he would disagree with Allied war goals and refused to participate in a few allied offensives, Albert would of been satisfied to have merely negotiated a peace with Germany, rather then defeating her. When members of the opposition in Belgium started opposing his views, Albert eventually gave in and joined in the Allied war goals, he was eventually given the command of the Flanders Army Group, his army group would be the one that liberated Brussels, giving Albert a triumphant entry into the city. He died in 1934 while mountain climbing.

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