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President of the Republic of the Congo

Denis Sassou NguessoDenis Sassou Nguesso

Date of Birth: 1943
Birth Place: Edou, Republic of the Congo
Political Party: Congolese Labour Party
Arrival in Power: 25 October 1997
Religion: NA
Profession: Politician


Denis Sassou Nguesso was born in Edou, Republic of the Congo, in 1943. He is the current President of the Republic of the Congo. He joined the army in 1960 and was involved in the 1968 coup by Marien Ngouabi. Following this he held several high ranking positions in the country's military, although he didnt directly succeed Ngouabi following the later's assassination, he was eventually named president in 1979.

During his first term as president he put in place several practical policies including opening up the country's natural resources to foreign investment and securing loans from international banks. However, he lost the 1992 elections. In 1997 a civil war broke out and he led his rebel forces to victory and regained power the same year. Nguesso set up a transition government and had to postpone elections until 2002, because internal conflicts were still persisting between the factions of the civil war. He won the 2002 elections, mostly because his two main rivals did not participate. He was re-elected in 2009.

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Updated on: December 14, 2011