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President of Eritrea

Isaias AfewerkiIsaias Afewerki

Date of Birth: 2 February 1936
Birth Place: Asmara, Eritrea
Political Party: People's Front for Democracy and Justice
Arrival in Power: 24 May 1993
Religion: NA
Profession: Military, Politician


Isaias Afewerki was born in Asmara, Eritrea, in 1936. He is the current and first President of Eritrea. He joined the liberation movements in Eritrea in 1966, he was eventually trained in a military academy in China. Upon his return, he headed his own liberation movement, the Eritrean People's Liberation Front. He thus played a leading role in obtaining Eritrean independence, which was achieved in 1993. He became Eritrea's first president the same year.

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Updated on: December 16, 2011