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John II the Fearless of BurgundyJohn II the Fearless of Burgundy

Life: 1371-1419
Birth Place: Dijon, France
Historical Role: Regent, Noble
Titles: Duke of Burgundy, Count of Artois, Count of Flanders, Count of Nevers, Count Palatine of Burgundy
Primary countries affected: Belgium, France
Secondary countries affected: Hungary, Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom
Events: Hundred Years War (1337-1453), Battle of Nicopolis (1396)


John II the Fearless played an important role towards the middle of the Hundred Years War. John II the Fearless was the son of Duke Philip the Bold of Burgundy. Before becoming Duke of Burgundy John went to Hungary at the head of a French contingent sent to help King Sigismund against the Ottoman invasion. John fought in the Battle of Nicopolis and received his nickname of the Fearless for his actions during this battle.

John became Duke of Burgundy in 1404, like his father before him he was in conflict with Louis of Orleans, the King's brother. In 1407 John had Louis assassinated. This act according to John was an act of "tyrannicide". In 1409 John and the King Charles VI reconciled and John was forgiven for the assassination of Louis. However, Louis' son Charles vowed revenge against John and gathered support towards this end. In 1415 France's military forces and nobility were devastated at the Battle of Agincourt, John eluded this battle, but two of his brothers were killed in the battle. In 1418 John's troops captured Paris. John then sat and watched as the English captured most of Northern France.

The Dauphin Charles VII tried to reconcile with John he set up two meetings the first went without incident, but during the second meeting at Montereau Bridge in 1419, John was assassinated. This would prove devastating for the Dauphin and for France, because John's successor signed an alliance with England.


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