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Philip III the Good of BurgundyPhilip III the Good of Burgundy

Life: 1396-1467
Birth Place: Dijon, France
Historical Role: Noble
Titles: Duke of Burgundy, Duke of Brabant, Duke of Limburg, Duke of Lothier, Duke of Luxembourg, Margrave of Namur, Count of Artois, Count of Flanders, Count of Hainault, Count of Holland, Count of Zeeland, Count Palatine of Burgundy
Primary countries affected: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands
Secondary countries affected
: United Kingdom
Events: Hundred Years War (1337-1453)


Duke Philip the Good of Burgundy, was important in the Hundred Years War, notably for his shifting alliances with England and France, but best known for capturing Joan of Arc. Philip the Good was the son of John the Fearless, he became Duke of Burgundy in 1419 after his father was assassinated. Because of his father's murder he continued the civil war against France and in 1420 allied with England. In 1430 Philip's soldiers captured Joan of Arc, and later surrendered her to the English. In a turn of events in 1435 Philip broke his alliance with England and made one with France. He broke this alliance in 1439 when he supported a noble rebellion in France. He spent the remainder of his life solidifying his territories and also supporting the arts and industries of his subjects. Philip was patron to many famous painters, and developed the Netherlands and Belgium, to be major trading centers.


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