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President of Liberia

Ellen Johnson-SirleafEllen Johnson-Sirleaf

Date of Birth: 29 October 1938
Birth Place: Monrovia, Liberia
Political Party: Unity Party
Arrival in Power: 16 January 2006
Religion: Methodist
Profession: NA


Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was born in Monrovia, Liberia, in 1938. She is the current President of Liberia. She studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Harvard University. She joined politics in the 1970's when she served as deputy Finance Minister and eventually Finance Minister, she held these posts until Samuel Doe's coup d'état in 1980. Following this she left the country and worked in several large banking firms and for the United Nations. She initially supported Charles Taylor but went on to oppose him and to run in the 1996 elections against him where she lost. She ran in the 2005 presidential elections and won.

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Updated on: December 23, 2011