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Mauritania FlagMauritania

Honour, Fraternity, Justice



Population: 3,281,634 (2011)
Land Area: 1,030,700 sq km
Natural Resources: Iron ore, gypsum, phosphate, diamonds, gold, oil, fish
Capital: Nouakchott
Political System: Democratic Republic
State Leader: Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz (2009)
Head of Government: Moulaye Ould Mohamed Laghdaf (2008)
Languages: Arabic, Pulaar, Soninke, Wolof, French, Hassaniya
Currency: Ouguiya (MRO)
Major Religions: Muslim 100%
Major Ethnicities: Mixed Moor/African 40%, Moor 30%, African 30%
Life Expectancy: 61.14 years (2011)


GDP Official Exchange Rate: 3.486 billion (2010)
GDP Purchasing Power Parity: 6.8 billion (2010)
GDP Per Capita (PPP): 2,100 (2010)
GDP Growth Rate: 5% (2010)
GDP Structure: Agriculture 12.5%, Industry 46.7%, Services 40.7% (2008)
Labour Force By Occupation: Agriculture 50%, Industry 10%, Services 40% (2001)
Industries: Fish processing, mining of iron ore and gypsum
Agriculture Products: Dates, millet, sorghum, rice, corn; cattle, sheep
Human Development Index: 0.453 (159th)
Tourism Revenue: 28 million (1999)
Unemployment Rate: 30% (2008)

MilitaryMauritania Map

Army Size: 15 870 (2004)
Budget: 5.5% of GDP (2006)

Current Situation


Mauritania is located in Northwest Africa. Mauritania is bordered by Algeria, Mali, Morocco and Senegal. Mauritania is a very poor country, a structural adjustment program was put in place by the IMF and the World Bank, but Mauritania was unable to maintain a growth rate between 4-5%. Oil has been recently found off the shore of Mauritania, perhaps this will help drive the economy.

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Updated on: December 25, 2011