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Prime Minister of the Netherlands

Jan Peter BalkenendeJan Peter Balkenende

Date of Birth: 7 May 1956
Birth Place: Biezelinge, Netherlands
Political Party: Christian Democratic Appeal
Arrival in Power: 22 July 2002
Religion: Reformed Protestant
Profession: Civil Servant, Politician, Professor, Scientist


Jan Peter Balkenende was born in Biezelinge, Netherlands, in 1956. He is the current Prime Minister of the Netherlands. He studied at the Free University in Amsterdam, where he obtained a Master's degree in law and a Ph.D in law. He was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1998. He became prime minister for the his first term in 2002, when he was asked by Queen Beatrix to form the government. He has been prime minister ever since, however he is currently only the caretaker prime minister until a new government can be formed.

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Updated on: December 26, 2011