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President of South Africa

Jacob ZumaJacob Zuma

Date of Birth: 12 April 1942
Birth Place: Inkandla, South Africa
Political Party: African National Congress
Arrival in Power: 9 May 2009
Religion: Christian
Profession: NA


Jacob Zuma was born in Inkandla, South Africa, in 1942. He is the current President of South Africa. Jacob Zuma claims to have little or no formal education. He joined the African National Congress in 1959. He was imprisoned for some time alongside Nelson Mandela, when he was eventually released he fled into exile. He returned in 1990 and instrumental in the ANC's rise to power. He was elected as the ANC's president in 2007, he was elected as the President of South Africa in 2009.

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Updated on: December 29, 2011