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Tuvalu FlagTuvalu

Tuvalu For The Almighty.



Population: 10,544 (2011)
Land Area: 26 sq km
Natural Resources: Fish
Capital: Funafuti
Political System: Constitutional Monarchy with a Parliamentary Democracy
State Leader: Willie Telavi (2010)
Languages: Tuvaluan, English, Samoan, Kiribati
Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)
Major Religions: Church of Tuvalu 97%, Seventh-Day Adventist 1.4%, Baha'i 1%, Other 0.6%
Major Ethnicities: Polynesian 96%, Micronesian 4%
Life Expectancy: 64.75 years (2011)


GDP Official Exchange Rate: 32 million (2010)
GDP Purchasing Power Parity: 36 million (2010)
GDP Per Capita (PPP): 3,400 (2010)
GDP Growth Rate: 0.2% (2010)
GDP Structure: Agriculture 16.6%, Industry 27.2%, Services 56.2% (2002)
Labour Force By Occupation: NA
Industries: Fishing, tourism, copra
Agriculture Products: Coconuts; fish
Human Development Index: NA
Tourism Revenue: NA
Unemployment Rate: NA

MilitaryTuvalu Map

Army Size: NA
Budget: NA

Current Situation


Tuvalu is located in the Pacific Ocean. Tuvalu has no natural neighbours. Tuvalu's economy is highly dependent on foreign aid. It has pratically no natural resources and the only steady employment available is from the government. Tourism is insignificant. However Tuvalu owns the rights to the .tv domain names, and this could potentially be a nice source of income.

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Updated on: January 1, 2012