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President of Zambia

Rupiah BandaRupiah Banda

Date of Birth: 13 February 1937
Birth Place: Gwanda, Zimbabwe
Political Party: Movement for Multiparty Democracy
Arrival in Power: 29 June 2008
Religion: Anglican
Profession: NA


Rupiah Banda was born in Gwanda, Zimbabwe, in 1937. He is the current President of Zambia. He was Zambia's ambassador to Egypt and the United States during the 1960's. He was Zambia's representative to the United Nations for a time also. He then became Zambia's Foreign Minister. He had also had an up and down career as a Member of Parliament, winning and losing on a few occasions. He became Vice-President of Zambia in 2006, when the President died in 2008, he took over for him. He won the 2008 presidential elections.

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Updated on: January 3, 2012